Cronin Architects specialise in high quality sustainable residential development. We have in depth experience in all aspects of residential from +50 storey high rise residential development, large scale urban apartment and housing projects to rural housing and bespoke domestic extensions.

Regardless of scale, we aim to create homes designed around the needs of individuals while providing a positive contribution to the quality and experience of our urban and rural environments.


Cronin Architects have a broad range of experience in high end Commercial development from 100 storey office buildings in the middle east, High end 5 star hotel  & mixed use developments to smaller scale offices, retail and fit-outs.

While office buildings are essentially places of work, they are also places where people interact, communicate, collaborate, manufacture and are creative. A large part of our lives are spent in offices and we believe their design should reflect this.


From High end 5 star hotel developments in Ireland and the Middle East to smaller scale public houses & bars, restaurants and fit-outs, Cronin Architects pride ourselves on experience and quality of service.

Our experience includes the creation and execution of quality buildings & spaces where guests and patrons can truly enjoy for work, pleasure or relaxation. We strive to create spaces that people return to and which enhance their stay.


Cronin Architects have extensive experience in a range of community projects. We endeavour to work with our clients through detailed and award winning community stakeholder consultation processes for the delivery of projects which best reflect the needs of clients and end users. We strive to create sustainable community buildings which allow for both flexibility and future proofing at affordable cost. 

We believe architectural design should be a contemporary response to both people and place and be progressive and transformative.

Our projects engage with the culture of our age, focusing on designs that are meaningful, functional & accessible for all.


With experience on a wide range of schools projects, we strive to set new standards for learning environments.

Building design for education has its own specific responsibilities: While they are essentially environments where our children are educated, they are also the buildings & spaces which nuture optimism, promote community and belonging and allow students and teachers to take pride and ownership in their environment. Our commitment to this sector can be seen through our number of our satisfied clients. 


Cronin Architects have experience on a variety of Healthcare projects including Hospital, Care of the Elderly & Special needs projects.

Healthcare buildings demand a specific set of parameters where we have experience in the delivery of the particular requisites of our clients, building users and other stakeholders.


Cronin Architects have experience on a variety of Industrial project types including Distribution & Logistics, Process & Manufacturing, Food & Drink and Warehousing Projects.

Our design process and ability to deliver effective solutions aligns with the demanding and stringent needs of this sector and delivering on the needs of our clients.


We have extensive experience on a variety of large complex services intensive & mission critical facilities including Data Centre’sfor private and public clients from inception to completion, commissioning & handover.

These include multi-national companies where a very high level of service, quality and performance are demanded. We pride ourselves on our cross-disciplinary knowledge which we believe is essential for services intensive projects within this sector.


As RIAI Grade III Conservation Accreditation, we excel in delivery of conservation projects and the care and attention to detail that these projects demand.

We have valued expertise in liaising with local authorities, satisfying statutory requirements and working in close partnership with clients, skilled contractors to produce the highest standards of conservation design informed by the principles of sustainability.

Our experience covers historic buildings of a range of ages including protected structures.

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