With experience on a wide range of schools projects, we strive to set new standards for learning environments.

Building design for education has its own specific responsibilities: While they are essentially environments where our children are educated, they are also the buildings & spaces which nuture optimism, promote community and belonging and allow students and teachers to take pride and ownership in their environment. Our commitment to this sector can be seen through our number of our satisfied clients.

Some of our clients include:

St. Josephs Post primary School, Co Tipperary

Seamount Post primary school, Co Galway

New Post primary school, Kinvara, Co Galway

Bodyke Primary school, Co Clare

Lissenhall Primary school, Co Tipperary

St. Annes Post primary, Co Tipperary

Community Addiction Programme Committee, (CAP) Dublin

Casadh Board Of Management, Dublin

Conradh na Gaeilge, Co Tipperary

FÁS (Now Department of Social Protection) Dublin 8

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